We’re baaaack!

Soooo it’s been a while since I’ve posted up on the website. As many of you will know, last year I decided to quit streaming for undetermined time. We’ve since been back in the saddle for a couple of weeks and I’ve been having a load of fun with the load of you.

I want to start off thanking everybody for supporting me once again! It’s been a complete blast the last couple of weeks! I’ve got a better schedule going now where I can mix and match IRL with streaming and gym time just fine.

The New Galaxy

Before I returned the community was always known as The Intergalactic Army. I felt a new name was needed with my return to Twitch including some all new design work and a complete overhaul of the Twitch panels and stream graphics all together.

From now on the community will be The New Galaxy and I’ll try to figure out some new ranks for ya’ll to earn by watching the stream and having fun! If you by any chance have some ideas for the ranks let me know on Discord or throw them up in the comments. Any help is appreciated as always.

Messy bot stuff

Last year I was running a bot for the channel and thought I’d backed it up properly but it seems that something has gone wrong with it. Unfortunately I’ve lost most of people’s earned credits, so we’re just gonna start over. Right now I’m working to lay a new base for a completely custom self-built bot to integrate with Streamlabs so we can keep using the current currency and still enjoy fun games and what not.

We’ll figure it out. If u got any cool SFX, game or command ideas let me know!

Subscriber Benefits

Obviously I want to give back to the community all the love and support you’ve been giving. I’ve been trying to come up with some awesome Subscriber benefits. One of the benefits is currently being tested which is the Stream Avatars feature. It allows subscribers to create their own unique avatar which will show up in the stream and you can play games with it too! Pretty cool! I’ll explain a little more on the Stream Avatar feature in a separate post later on. Here’s just a quick preview:

Other than Stream Avatars I’ll work out some more benefits like bonus NGC on stream and more. I’ll spend extra time figuring out how to reward you awesome people! 😉

That’s it for now, more news soon!

Much love and see ya’ll on the Tuesday stream!