Survival Sunday – what a Sunday…

Survival Sunday – what a Sunday…

So last Sunday I decided to just have a chill time and have some fun in a game I hadn’t really played alot since I bought it; 7 Days to Die. I wasn’t really expecting much out of it but you guys came into the stream and gave me all these tips on how to properly play it, laughed at my stupid mistakes and made me generally have a great friggin’ Sunday. So thanks for that again guys I really enjoyed it.

So I figured why not show a couple of highlights from the Survival Sunday we did and maybe figure out if we could turn this into a nice little format for the stream under the all original name “Survival Sunday”. Who would have thought!?

Let me know in the comments what u think! Any ideas are very much appreciated guys!

The highlight of my first horde:

Here’s the second one, amazing song requests in this one hah!