Suicidal NPC’s

Suicidal NPC’s

Whoops, well I guess it’s been a while since I posted. Sorry for not posting anything sooner ya’ll! As most of you will know I’ve been very busy IRL lately and I’ve been trying to find a better balance between IRL and streaming. I was thinking how sometimes it kind of drives me crazy and then I remembered the following clips made by some awesome people watching the stream.

I’ve noticed in some streams that NPC’s turn suicidal on me. It’s really one of the funniest things ever, to see an NPC walk about and simply kill itself for whatever reason. I hope you guys have as much fun watching these clips as I do!

Suicidal guard in Dishonored by Gothgirl15:

Suicidal enemy on Hob by Kingpulsar_:

Thank you so much for making fun clips like this guys and girls! I love watching those clips and having a good laugh.

Special thanks to Gothgirl15 and Kingpulsar_!