Stream commands

Instead of creating a huge panel underneath the stream I’ve decided to give you guys an awesome searchable table of all commands so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Check it out!

SFX Commands

!accidentsSomething go wrong? Bring the happy little accidents!
!alertFor when you feel you need to alert me to something
!biemYou'll know it if you're a Dutchy!
!byeLeaving already are we?
!choirboyBecause you sing like a nightingale!
!cookieHungry much?
!fartedYou could have just held it in...
!ggGood game!
!granataFeelin' fraggie are we?
!granatadwaMore fraggie even!?
!headshotThat aim though!
!healingFor when you need that extra bit of health
!helloHi there!
!imdyingFor when you're only just holding on...
!inceptionUnexpected moments?
!joinWanna join in?
!kawaiiFor the awesome moments...
!kawaiibeatFor awesome moments that require rhythm?
!killvibeSomeone killing the vibe? Call em out!
!lemonsLemons everywhere!
!lewdSee something lewd!?
!mlgFor those major league plays!
!moneyThrowin' cash?
!naniWhen you simply don't get it..
!neinWhen you simply, DONT agree... 😛
!notpreparedWhen extra preparation was needed.
!oldCause we're old as hell!
!revengeLusting for revenge are we?
!rockitNeed some rock action? This is it!
!sadtimesFor the saddest of moments...
!sanitaterWhen you need some good ol' germanic healing..
!spartaThis is,....
!sugoiFor awesome things!
!superkawaiiFor the extra awesome things
!tuturuWho knows!?
!waitingWaiting on something?
!welcomeWelcome new people into the channel!


Game Commands

!heist [amount]This will start a bank heist which other viewers can join by using credits
!challenge [target]Challenge another viewer to a duel for credits and fame!
!ffaTurn the chat into a free-for-all battle arena! Battle your way to credits and fame!
!slotsTry your luck at the slot machine and win some credits!
!rollRoll the dice!
!adventure [amount]Go on an adventure and score some credits and fame!
!adventure top5Announce the top 5 adventurers in the chat (most points gained)
!gamble [amount]Feeling lucky? Gamble some credits and maybe you'll win!
!frag Throws a frag grenade into the chat which will explode on a random person
!kill [target] Somebody annoying you? Kill em! Be careful though - it can backfire..
!roulettePlay some russian roulette.. Will you live?
!8ball [question]Ask the magic 8-ball a question, and it will answer with it's wise words.
!lovemeter [target]The Galaxian Love-Meter will calculate your love levens!
!inventInvent some strange New Galaxy things
!hug [target]Send somebody hugs!
!hackTry hacking the New Galaxy Terminal!


Generic Commands

!creditsShows you the amount of time you've watched the stream and how many credits you have earned. Credits can be used to request songs and play games in chat!
!currentsongShows you which song is currently playing
!discord Gives you a link to my Discord
!uptimeShows you how long the stream has been live
!twitterGives you a link to my Twitter
!tweetGives you a link in case you want to Tweet out the stream <3
!topclipIn case you're wondering what the latest top clip is!
!inkMake the Llexi ink up the screen!
!chompThink Llexi is looking hungry?
!danceLlexi loves to dance like nobody is watching!
!llexiLlexi loves to talk to you!