Introducing Sergeant Pixell and his loyal companion Octo!

So for a while now I felt like the stream needed some characters to represent me as a streamer and make the stream more relatable. So in order to do this I went on a search on Twitter to find myself a designer who could handle such an awesome task. I found an awesome designer by the name of DΞΔDBϊRD (Go check him out!) who felt up to the task and I have to say, he did unbelievably well! I couldn’t be happier!

Sergeant Pixell

Who is Sergeant Pixell? He’s my more serious side. He’ll be the bot monitoring both Twitch chat and Discord allowing you to have fun within the civil boundaries of this world. Pixell stands my love for military type games and shooters. Like me he’ll kick your ass for being one and reward you for being the awesome people you are! So without further ado; here’s Sergeant Pixell!


Octo, le companion

So that leaves Octo, my silly weird bubbly happy side that loves to have fun and doesn’t care much if he totally fails at something be it in-game or IRL. Octo is Sergeant Pixell’s loyal companion in life and the two never go anywhere without one another. Like in life – you get the whole me, both Pixell and Octo 😉 Octo being my more prominent side you’ll find him in the foreground more than Pixell would like haha! So it’s more like Octo and Pixell. Well – here he is! I present you; Octo!



Let me know what you guys think of them and feel free to share the blogpost with your friends as always! I’ll be coming back from vacation soon so you’ll find that Sergeant Pixell has already taken his spot in Discord and Twitch chat ready for you guys to give him your !commands 😉 Much love!