Bot and Twitch Panel update

Hi guys! In the last couple of weeks I’ve received alot of feedback from everybody and I’m very thankful for that. It’s amazing to see how everybody is trying to contribute to the stream and community! In an effort to work through the feedback and improve the channel I’ve made some changes.

Commands panel

So something I’ve heard from alot of people was the fact the commands panel had gotten very large and therefor panels were pushed down alot. In order to fix this I’ve now created a new page on the website where you can find all commands in a nifty table that you can search through. Some basic commands are still in the panel on the Twitch page but every single command is in the new page which you can find here: Stream commands.

!random rudeness

Our lovely Sergeant Pixell bot is a great guy, he really is. But we’ve all noticed that sometimes the jokes he makes in response to the !random command were a little blunt or outright insulting. To make Sergeant Pixell less of an ass, he’s been sent back to bootcamp and has gone through a special ‘how to handle awesome viewers’ class. He’ll now refrain from saying things he did before and should behave at all times. If he still behaves bad, let me or a moderator know and we’ll school him!


So we’ve been finishing alot of games on stream lately which is amazing as I’ve always had trouble finishing games before I started streaming. We’ll soon be playing through alot more games that you guys have been suggesting in the Discord. Thank you to all of you who have suggested games and have contributed to the channel in any way. You guys make this all possible and I’m very grateful for all the shits and giggles I can have with you all on every single stream!

See ya’ll on the next stream!