Affiliate Sub Hype!

We all knew subscriptions for affiliates were coming but I certainly didn’t know it was gonna be this fast! Yesterday was an amazing day with a fun little LawBreakers tournament for starters and to top it off, we won the tournament by far and I got my sub button activated on my profile! Hype!

First off I want to thank my first ever subscriber Anti_Hero87 dude you are a legend! Thanks for the support and awesome banter!

What you get

Second I want to talk about my ideas for subscriber bonusses. Clearly I think if you do sub me, you should be rewarded for it. Because of that I’m in the process of having some awesome emotes made for you subs out there. Next to that I’ve compiled a little list of benefits to being a subscriber in my channel which I hope you’ll love. If you got any feedback or ideas leave a comment below!

  1. Custom emotes to be used anywhere on Twitch
  2. 5x credit multiplier (5K credits on resub!)
  3. Custom bot shout-out when joining the stream
  4. Twitter shout-out
  5. Higher chances of winning on giveaways
  6. Subscriber role in Discord
  7. Immune to slow mode chat
  8. Priority when joining me in-game

Let me know what you think. Thanks again for being my awesome Intergalactic Army guys!